Killa Was Here presents his next solo exhibition, "Colorful Parasomnia", taking place on the 17th of December at Casa da Aqruitectura, Matosinhos, from 5PM until 12PM.

This will feature a completely new body of works, including paintings and sculptures, among other formats and media that cannot yet be revealed, around the same theme that characterizes the exhibition. Killa also presents a new merchandising collection that always accompanies the artist's work.

"Colorful Parasomnia" arises from the artist's interest in the phenomenon of sleep. Parasomnias are more or less unpleasant episodic or sporadic behaviors that occur between the different stages of sleep, such as insomnia, sleep paralysis and sleepwalking. In turn, "Colorful Parasomnia" is the artist's reinterpretation of these phenomena, where colors, shapes and figures invade the artist's sleep, like a parasomnia that has not yet been diagnosed.